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Participate in the creation of an artistic installation related to the fight against Covid19 while making a gesture that has a high symbolic value for yourself and a person you care about.

What I ask you to do


Send a postcard to a loved one on the day the lockdown is relaxed or removed, or on one of the following days: the text on the postcard should refer to something personal that you share with the recipient or to what you thought or felt during the isolation phase. The postcard must somehow depict your city. Write it in your own language, whatever language you are reading this text in.


Then fill out a postcard that looks exactly like this one, including the text, the name and city of the recipient, put it in a sealed envelope and send it to my address REMO BASSETTI- PIAZZA LAGRANGE 1- 10123 TURIN (ITALY). Apart from the city, you can leave the part with the recipient’s address blank or unreadable or modified for privacy reasons. 


It is important that the name of the recipient is clear on the postcard because (unless you are against it) it will be mentioned inside the work.

Only if you want you can insert in the envelope also the pen you used, if it is not a valuable pen; and if you want it to be part of the work you can also insert a photo of yourself and/or the recipient.

The work can be created when an adequate number of people have sent me the postcards.

I am making, directly or indirectly, this request to many thousands of people around the world, hoping that they will become millions. It would therefore be of great help if you would help to circulate this text to your knowledge. So please pass it on to your contacts, asking them to do the same.


The meaning of the work (and of your postcard)


I cannot tell exactly how the installation will present itself to the viewer, because there is no point in describing a work of art before it exists. Its heart will be the postcards I will receive.


Its meaning refers to the possibility of maintaining a link at a distance without the use of digital tools, to the rediscovery of one’s own city as if it were a new place, to the importance of messages that are transmitted through the physical exercise of handwriting. More generally, to the desire for inner and social life as opposed to the threat of Covid19.


The action of those who send the postcard has a great symbolic value because for a certain period (and this is the first time for all of us) it was almost impossible because of the containment measures. It therefore constitutes a message of hope.


What happens next


The project is to exhibit the installation at some international art venues.

Whoever sends me his email address, inside the envelope or outside on the sender’s space, will receive precise information on the development of the work and exhibitions, which will be made public through press releases and my blog.


Who I am


Remo Bassetti. Writer, journalist, blogger, cultural organizer and performer, legal professional.

Anyone who wants more information about the project “Postcards from the living cities” can enter my web space “Wrog, political workshop and freestyle area” at and write me from “contacts”.

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